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Product Description

The UC bearing is actually a variation of the deep groove ball bearing.; The characteristic is that the outer diameter surface of its outer ring is a sphere,; which can be fitted into the corresponding concave sphere of the bearing seat to play the role of centering.;The outer spherical bearing is mainly used to bear the combined radial and axial load with the radial load as the main one,; so it is generally not suitable to bear the axial load alone.;The bearings can be mounted with inner ring (with full set of rollers and retainers); and outer ring respectively.;This type of bearing does not allow the shaft to be tilted relative to the housing and will generate additional axial forces under radial load.;The size of the axial clearance of the bearing has a great impact on the normal operation of the bearing.; When the axial clearance is too small,; the temperature rise will be higher.;When the axial clearance is large,; the bearing is easy to be damaged.;Therefore,; special attention should be paid to adjusting the axial clearance of the bearing during installation and operation.; If necessary,; it can be preloaded to increase the rigidity of the bearing.;

Bearing Unit No.; Shaft dia.;(mm); Dimensions(mm); Basic Dynamic Load Rating(kgf); Basic Static Load Rating(kgf); Weight(kg);
D Bi Be n m G
UC201 12 47 31 17 12.;7 18.;3 4.;8 1000 630 0.;21
UC202 12 47 31 17 12.;7 18.;3 4.;8 1000 630 0.;19
UC203 17 47 31 17 12.;7 18.;3 4.;8 1000 630 0.;18
UC204 20 47 31 17 12.;7 18.;3 4.;8 1000 630 0.;15
UC205 25 52 34 17 14.;3 19.;7 5.;5 1100 710 0.;20 
UC206 30 62 38.;1 19 15.;9 22.;2 6 1520 1571 0.;25 
UC207 35 72 42.;9 20 17.;5 25.;4 6.;5 2571 1390 0.;45
UC208 40 80 49.;2 21 19.;0  30.;2 8 2560 1810 0.;6
UC209 45 85 49.;2 22 19.;0  30.;2 8 2560 1810 0.;65
UC210 50 90 51.;6 24 19.;0  32.;6 10 2750 2571 0.;75
UC211 55 100 55.;6 25 22.;2 33.;4 10 3400 2550 1
UC212 60 110 65.;1 27 25.;4 39.;7 10 4100 3150 1.;4
UC213 65 120 65.;1 28 25.;4 39.;7 10 4480 3470 1.;6
UC214 70 125 74.;6 30 30.;2 44.;4 12 4870 3810 2
UC215 75 130 77.;8 30 33.;3 44.;5 12 5190 4190 2.;25
UC216 80 140 82.;6 33 33.;3 49.;3 14 5700 4550 2.;75
UC217 85 150 85.;7 35 34.;1 51.;6 14 6600 5320 3.;5
UC218 90 160 96 37 39.;7 56.;3 14 7500 6170 4

The performance and reliability of rolling bearings are greatly affected by the materials which the bearing components are made from.;BXY bearing rings and balls are made of high quality of GCr15 vacuum-degassed bearing steel.;Chemical composition of GCr15 bearing steel is basically equivalent to some representative bearing steel as the chart shown below.;

Chemical composition of high-carbon chrome bearing steel

Standard Code Material Analysis(%);
C Si Mn Cr Mo P S
GB&sol;T GCr15 0.;95-1.;05 0.;15-0.;35 0.;25-0.;45 1.;40-1.;65 <&equals;0.;08 <&equals;0.;571 <&equals;0.;571
DIN 100Cr6 0.;95-1.;05 0.;15-0.;35 0.;25-0.;45 1.;40-1.;65   <&equals;0.;030 <&equals;0.;571
ASTM 52100 0.;98-1.;10 0.;15-0.;35 0.;25-0.;45 1.;30-1.;60 <&equals;0.;10 <&equals;0.;571 <&equals;0.;571
JIS SUJ2 0.;98-1.;10 0.;15-0.;35 <&equals;0.;50 1.;30-1.;60   <&equals;0.;571 <&equals;0.;571


Although UC bearings basic performance with deep groove ball bearings should be similar,; but because of the bearing are mostly applied in mechanical rough,; installation location is not accurate,; the axis of the shaft with a hole to neutral,; or under the condition of large axial length and deflection etc,; and the bearing itself precision is not high,; some structure is rough,; so the performance of the actual performance comparison on the same specifications of the deep groove ball bearings to play quite a discount.;Therefore,; the outer spherical bearing is generally used for equipment and parts are relatively simple and not high requirements,; such as agricultural machinery,; transport systems or construction machinery.;
Products Packing

Our packaging is also very variable,; the purpose is to meet the needs of different customers.;The commonly used packages are as follows:;
1.;Industrial package&plus;outer carton&plus;pallets
2.;Single box&plus;outer carton&plus;pallets
3.;Tube package&plus;middle box&plus;outer carton&plus;pallets
4.;According to your requirements


Guanxian Xinyan Pillow Block Bearing Co.;,; Ltd.; is based in ZheJiang &lpar;China); since 2011 and is 1 of the biggest authorized manufactures and exporters of bearing.; We′ve been dedicated to provide all types of hiigh quality bearings to OEM,; Retailers and traders throughout international market since the moment established.;

Pillow block bearings,; bearings housing,; insert bearings and deep groove ball bearings are all we specialized.; We are also developing nonstandard bearings as per the drawings from customers.; Our dominant product is bearing unit.; With the advantages of compact structure,; Seld-aligning,; well sealed,; easy to equip,; and reasonable prices.; It s widely applied in machinery of agricultrure,; chemical engineering,; Mine,; Metallurgy,; Building,; Light industry such as refrigeation,; plastic,; shoe-making,; carpentry,; Road,; Building material,; food,; packing,; textile,; transportation,; Printing,; ceramics and so on.;

Up to now,; we have exported our goods to Italy,; Brazil,; Argentina,; Poland,; India,; Pakistan,; Bangladesh,; Thailand etc.;

First class service,; efficient delivery methods,; the most competitive quality-price ratio,; we dedicated to provide you quality brand bearings.; Sincerely welcome new and old customers visit and build cooperation.; Our goal is to establish first class company,; create world famous brand,; The policy in quality is that the need of the maket is our direction,; pursuing to meet customers satisfaction,; Improving constantly,; working practically and creatively and serving the society.; We form the sprit of connecting together to improve and to help you to success.;

BXY is our registered brand.; And warmly welcome to CZPT Bearing Co.;,; Ltd and Lets expand BXY market together&excl;
We are factory directly.;

We provide our customers the most Comprehensive service and we’ll do our best to deal with problems our customers encountered to ensure our customers SATISFACTION.;

The high quality of our products means that it has long life,; high speed,; low noise,; low vibration and low friction.;

Be honesty,; be professional is our faith&semi; good attitude,; timely response,; quick delivery,; consideration of every detail is our working style.;

Manufactured by ourselves,; enough storage space,; enough inventory,; high producing efficiency we possess,; the most favorable price we offer to our customers makes sure every deal have a happy end.;

Customer’s feedback

The company is from the original steel,; forging,; turning,; quenching,; fine grinding,; installation,; one-stop production line,; to ensure the quality of steel,; bearing size specifications,; installation technology,; at a low price to ensure the quality of bearing.;We will deliver the goods on a fast delivery date.;To ensure your use and sale.;Omitted the middle link,; let you more affordable.;.;.;
Customer’s evaluation is the standard of product quality inspection,; we always adhere to the customer matching the corresponding quality requirements of the product,; responsible for the customer.;In the premise of quality assurance to customers,; we try to achieve a ‘popular’ price.;



Q1:; How many the MOQ of your company&quest;
A:; Our company MOQ is 1pcs.;

Q2:; Could you accept OEM and customize&quest;
A:;YES,; we can customize for you according to sample or drawing.;

Q3:; Could you supply sample for free&quest;
A:; Yes,; we can supply sample for free,; but need our customer afford freight.;

Q4 :; Does your factory have CE&quest;
A:; Yes,; we have ISO 9001:;2008,; and SASO.; If you want other CE,; we can do for you.;

Q5:; Is it your company is factory or Trade Company&quest;
A:; We have our own factory&semi; our type is factory &plus; trade.;

Q6:;  What time the guarantee of your bearing quality guarantee period&quest;
A:; 6 months ,;Customer need supply photos and send bearing back.;

Q7:; Could you tell me the payment term of your company can accept&quest;
A:; T&sol;T,; Western Union,; PayPal,; T&sol;T,; L&sol;C.;

Q8:; Could you tell me the delivery time of your goods&quest;
A:; 7-15 days ,; mostly base on your order quantity.;




Ball Screws – Dimensions, Applications, and Benefits

Ball screws are popular, lightweight, precision mechanical components. They are commonly used in machinery, gears, and knurled objects. These screw-like parts can be easily maintained and lubricated using oil. This article discusses their dimensions, applications, and benefits. The following sections provide additional information to help you select the right ball screw for your needs. We’ll discuss some of the important characteristics of ball screws and what makes them so useful.


A key problem with nut-to-ball screw backlash is the ability of the nut to move freely on the threads of the ball screw. To solve this problem, a patented solution was developed. The patent, 4,557,156, describes an innovative method for preloading ball screws and nuts. By applying a preloading nut, the threads of the ball screw are prevented from moving back and forth with the nut.
A mechanical design that involves axial play involves a lot of mass, inertia, and complexity. These characteristics lead to wear and rust problems. Preloading ball screws using a dynamic system reduces mechanical complexity by allowing preload to be adjusted while the mechanism is running. This also reduces the number of mechanical parts and simplifies manufacturing. Thus, the preloading method of the present invention is advantageous.
The servo motors used in the system monitor the output torque and adjust the power to 1 motor in a dynamic way, thus creating a torque differential between the balls. This torque differential in turn creates a preload force between the ball nuts. The servo motors’ output torque is controlled in this manner, and the machine’s backlash clearance can be precisely controlled. Hence, the machine can perform multiple tasks with increased precision.
Several prior art methods for preloading ball screws are described in detail in FIG. 3. The helical thread grooves of the ball screw 26 and the nut 24 define a pathway for roller balls to travel along. The stylized broken line indicates the general position of the axis of the ball roller screw 26. The corresponding ball screws are used in a number of applications. This technique may be used to manufacture custom-sized screws.


Ball screws are mechanical elements that roll balls through a groove. Improper lubrication can reduce the life of these screw elements. Improper lubrication can lead to shaft damage, malfunction, and decreased performance. This article discusses the importance of proper lubrication and how to do it. You can learn how to properly lubricate ball screws in the following paragraphs. Here are some tips to ensure long-term performance and safety of ball screws.
The first thing you should do is determine the type of lubricant you’ll be using. Oils are preferred because they tend to remain inside the ball nut, and grease can build up in it. Oils also tend to have better anti-corrosion properties than grease. However, grease is more likely to be clogged with debris than oils. So, before you choose the lubricant that’s right for your screw, make sure you wash it off.
The oil used in ball screw lubrication must be applied at a controlled rate. It can prevent metal-on-metal contact and clean out contaminants as it passes through the ball nut. However, oil as a lubricant is expensive and can contaminate the process if it mixes with the cutting fluid. Grease, on the other hand, is inexpensive, requires fewer applications, and does not contaminate process fluids.
If you use a synthetic oil for lubrication, make sure to choose a viscosity that is appropriate for the operating temperature. Oil viscosity can increase the temperature of the ball screw assembly, and excessive oil can reduce its life. A correct amount of oil will reduce the temperature of the ball screw assembly, while too little will increase friction and wear. Use the following guidelines to determine the right amount of oil for your screw.


Dimensions of ball screws are a very important aspect to consider when determining the best type for your application. Technical acceptance conditions for ball screws specify the allowed deviations during acceptance tests. The tolerance class can also change, depending on the needs of a specific application. The following table lists the most important tolerance values for the full range of screw lengths. This table is a helpful guide when looking for a specific screw. The table below lists the dimensions of common ball screws.
The axial load applied to a ball screw is 0.5 x Fpr / 2Fpr. The minimum screw diameter is known as the root diameter. The axial load causes the screw shaft to deform in a certain way (DL1 and DL2). The elastic deflection induced by the load on a ball screw is called its rigidity. This rigidity is important for calculating sizing parameters for a ball screw.
The preload value of the ball screw affects the dynamic load capacity. A preload of 10 percent is considered adequate, while a value greater than this may compromise the screw’s durability. In general, a high preload value will result in a lower dynamic load capacity and greater wear. However, the preload value must be calculated with the relevant screw parameters. This is because a high preload value reduces the screw’s durability.
To ensure that your screw meets the specified parameters, the dynamic load capacity must be calculated. This is the amount of force a ball screw will withstand under a specified load. This calculation also includes strength checks. If you are using a ball screw for applications that need extra strength, it may require a safety factor. For example, if the screw is used for double-axial mounting, then the outer ball nut must be inserted into the nut, causing a secondary load.


The present invention provides a simple, yet highly effective way to mount a ball screw. Its absence of insert slots or through holes makes it simpler to assemble and provides a more uniform nut. The lack of mechanical features also reduces heat treatment issues, and the nut’s hardness can be uniformly hardened. As a result, the screw’s overall performance is improved. Here are some examples of applications for ball screws.
Preloading is the process of applying force to a ball screw. This increases the rigidity of the screw assembly and eliminates backlash, which is lost motion caused by clearance between the nut and ball. Backlash disrupts repeatability and accuracy. Spacer preloading involves inserting force between 2 ball nuts and transmitting it through the grooves. This method is ideal when preloading is needed in large quantities. In addition to increasing rigidity, preloading can improve accuracy.
Ball screws require careful care in their working surfaces to prevent contamination. Rubber or leather bellows can be used to protect their surfaces, while positive air pressure can be applied to the screw. Preloading eliminates backlash, a common problem among screw assemblies. In addition to the numerous applications for ball screws, they are also critical to computer-controlled motion-control systems and wire bonding. And there are many more examples. So what are the benefits of using these devices?
The spring preloading system uses a spring in between 2 ball nuts, applying tensional forces to the ball nuts. This spring creates grooves in the nut’s middle, which facilitates recirculation of the balls. The spring preloading mechanism is more compact than the double nut mechanism, but the lengthening of the lead reduces the ball screw’s load capacity. Its compact design makes it ideal for small clearance assemblies.


In addition to performing maintenance tasks yourself, the manufacturer of ball screws should offer reverse engineering services that will enable them to identify specific problems. The process of reverse engineering allows ball screw manufacturers to develop new ball screws and parts. In the event that a ball screw is beyond repair, a manufacturer can often save a significant amount of money by repairing it instead of replacing it. In addition to repairing a ball screw, the manufacturer should also offer free evaluation services for the component. Reconditioning and replacement involve the use of new parts, while reloading and replacement replace the screw.
Performing routine maintenance checks on ball screw assemblies is essential for maintaining optimal performance and extending their service life. Overtime, excessive wear can lead to a variety of problems, including backlash, vibration, and ball bearing noise. In addition, the increased friction increases the required torque for turning a screw, causing system failure and significant downtime. To ensure that a ball screw is fully functional, it must be checked for wear and maintain the proper lubrication system.
Discoloration or pitting on a ball screw indicates that it is in need of repair. The same is true if there are chatter marks in the ball groove. Oftentimes, a ball screw needs a new lubrication seal or wipers. Additionally, it may be missing or over-wearing, which could result in permanent failure. Finally, excessive power draw could be a sign of improper lubrication or improper installation.
Proper maintenance is essential for any machine tool. When performed properly, machine tools can last decades with continuous use. Proper care and maintenance is essential to ensure long life and optimal performance. In addition to improving machine tool uptime, proper maintenance affects the accuracy and repeatability of the end product. Therefore, premium machine tool manufacturers focus on the performance and durability of ball screws. They develop innovative designs and lubricants to optimize the lifespan of their products.

China Best Sales Factory Directly Agricultural Machinery Accessories UC Bearing UC201 UC202 UC203.     with Great qualityChina Best Sales Factory Directly Agricultural Machinery Accessories UC Bearing UC201 UC202 UC203.     with Great quality